I, a NON-ATTORNEY always advise you and anyone to recite the following when confronted or asked any question by the police, sheriff deputy, Government, investigator, or any law (Statute Code) enforcement officer and NEVER answer any of their questions for fear that you may be found guilty in their kangaroo B.A.R. Courts and sentenced to their Private Corporate Prisons for a crime that you were nowhere around when the alleged crime occurred.

The 5th Constitutional Amendment is always valid and always Legal to preserve your rights in any Civil and Criminal case against you..

Always print and read the following word for word to protect your rights and freedom at each and every question.
“On the advice of my lawyer, according to the United States Attorney General Handbook and the constitutional 5th Amendment, I respectfully decline to answer any questions on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, which—according to the United States Supreme Court “common Law of the LAND” protects everyone, even innocent people, like me, from the need to answer questions if the truth might be used to help create the misleading impression that I was somehow involved in a crime that I did not commit. I reserve my inalienable rights, None Waived, at all times!”

Think about it..

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