A Judge’s Role. How It Affects You, Final Part 6

In all Constitutional state Republic Nations, The common law court should consist of a speedy Trial By Jury of one’s peers as 12 tribunal jurists to decide the case and the law without interference from any BAR ATTORNEYS or ATTORNEY JUDGES.

These 12 tribunal jurists always decide the guilt or innocence, right from wrong of each and every case based on the facts and law presented to them. This makes it 13 to one and the one loses. This is how it should be and has been before 1861.

Debt should not be an issue since there is no Lawful money and the U.S. Government has promised in a Presidential Resolution and the law to pay all Americans’ debt. Lookup Public Law and Policy 73-10, Chapter 48 Section 112, a Legislative Congressional Positive Law and see for yourself. At Cancel1Mortgage.info you can see how you can discharge your debt or mortgage to a Zero balance and increase your credit scores rating today.

We need people in order to do this in our states’ republic common law courts of justice where there are no kickbacks, bribes, or cash payments to the NON-Attorney Judges. Only you can relieve these BAR ATTORNEY JUDGES of their fraudulent duties and give America back to “WE THE People”!! We need to kick the BAR COURTS out of existence with your help.
Think about it..

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