A JURISDICTION In Criminal Actions Part 3

A jurisdiction in criminal actions

What is Subject Matter Jurisdiction?

Subject matter jurisdiction is a different and more critical type of jurisdiction. It goes directly to the question of whether a given court has the authority to hear a matter. Unlike in personam jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction cannot be waived by any party involved in the matter. If a court lacks subject matter jurisdiction it has no authority to proceed with a case.

Subject matter jurisdiction or Federal territorial jurisdiction may be challenged at any time before, during, or after a trial in any State of or Federal Court as for example, the State of California, CA, or STATE OF CALIFORNIA (all CAPS) as are 3 all States of are sub –Corporations of the District of Columbia Municipality Corporation.

Either of these may be challenged even if the accused party has already pled guilty, been duly convicted, and been sentenced to jail or private prison, even if you are currently serving time on a conviction.
A jurisdictional challenge of these types are never limited, since it goes to the foundation of whether the court had the authority to incarcerate or even try the individual in the first place without an “Enacting Clause”.

Now I am going to reveal to you something truly amazing. The federal and STATE administrative court system lacks subject matter jurisdiction and Federal/STATE territorial jurisdiction on all criminal charges and civil charges used today!
In other words, every man and woman Citizen or not incarcerated today has a legitimate challenge based upon lack of subject matter jurisdiction or territorial federal jurisdiction.

If enough of you learn how to mount such a challenge, every “law” on the books can be and will be overturned! Of course, the basic common law crimes involving injury to another man or woman (i.e. murder, burglary, assault, rape; arson, etc.) would remain crimes, but the endless stream of regulatory Code, Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Court Cases, and corporate or company Policy “crimes would disappear, as they should. Think about it..

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