A JURISDICTION In Criminal Actions Part 5

A jurisdiction in criminal actions

The Enacting Clause Continued in A JURISDICTION In Criminal Actions Part 5

Throughout modem civilization the enacting clause has been used to identify the authority of Laws. Now here’s a shocker. The government codes, statutes, rules, and regulations under their Color of Law used to regulate American Citizens lack enacting clauses! Every State uses its “Revised Statutes” and the federal government uses the United States Codes, a part of the District of Columbia’s Uniform Commercial Code of statutes as the law.

Now burn this A JURISDICTION In Criminal Actions into your brain:

Neither the United States Codes nor any State’s Revised Statutes Codes, Rules, or Regulations or court case law contain any enacting clauses whatsoever!!!
If you have been following this material you have begun to see that what I have just said means that all current territorial Federal and State “laws” or statutes are void. This is absolutely true! It means that the territorial Federal Government and their Sub-Corporation State administrative courts lack subject matter jurisdiction to hear any matters based upon the United States Codes and State Revised Statutes (ATTORNEY COMPLAINTS that have court case law or UCC laws in them.)

Check out the inside cover page of any State Revised Statute or U.S. Code volume: You will find a copyright notice. You cannot copyright a public law! This means that all of these Codes and Revised Statutes are bodies of private law or corporate law! If you are not a member of the corporation (as identified by your possession of a non-required social security taxpayer identification number or a non-required State Driver License), then its laws do not apply to you! Think about it..

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