A Proof of DIFFERENCE between the original Blue Inked NOTE and MORTGAGE and the Illegal Alternate COPY the BANK ATTORNEYS fraudulently pawn off on the COURTS as originals..

Here folk is an original Mortgage which consists of BOTH Promissory NOTE and Mortgage Lien Security Contract that I received thru the Small Claims Court after it was paid off with the LPN now known as the Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instrument.

As you can see there is a 3/4th inch to a 1-inch margin on all four sides that is typed on 8 ½ X 14 Inch legal paper, 12 point font size with Times New Roman font style on a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac standard MORTGAGE Form 3010 1/01 which is always on Legal Paper. The originals are always typed on legal paper from any Pretender Lender, Mortgage Lender, or Bank. This is a true original my girlfriend at that time signed in January 2003. This original, what Banks and Government COURTS call the Mortgage was filed and recorded in County Records CORRECTLY in January2003and is the same ORIGINAL that we retrieve in Small Claims Court after Payoff with the LPN, Now known as the CAP Security Instrument Money. This note has not been Securitized and has been filed correctly in the County Records.. Notice the paper sticker recording stamps by the Okaloosa County Recording office in Florida and the “Official Records” paper sticker recording stamps on each and every page of this original Mortgage.. Even on the last page where Johanna’s signature is in Blue Ink and it is even on Legal Paper and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT Form 3010 1/01.. Some STATE may have different mortgage forms, but they are all typed on legal paper with the same margins!!

Now, compare this with the FAKE ALTERNATE COPY that WELLS FARGO gave me as the Original that was verified thru the same court as the original simply because the Wells Fargo ATTORNEY said that it was my original Blue Inked Signed NOTE and MORTGAGE and the Judge swallowed it hook, line, and sinker with the floater attached as all BAR COURT ATTORNEY JUDGES do by his blue-inked signature and statement on the last page that this fake MORTGAGE was the original! My forged signature is in black ink on this ALTERNATE COPY as WELLS FARGO showed JUDGE FLOWERS in 2012; thus, presenting Fraud upon the COURT and Okaloosa County. They must have used the “GHOST WRITER” for the forgery because months before they claimed LOST NOTE..

You can plainly see on this fake and fraudulent court accepted and verified NOTE AND MORTGAGE Lien Contract Security that the margins are 1 and a half inch via the one inch on an original. The Times New Roman font style is about 8, or 9 via the 12 Inch Point font size on the original and the bottom third of this legal paper is blank on the same Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac legal Form 3010 1/01 that is supposed to be on legal 8 ½ X 14 Inch paper with only 3/4th inch one inch margins on all four sides. Both of our names are forged in BLACK INK on this fake so-called ORIGINAL. Yes, the same one that was presented to the ATTORNEY JUDGE Michael A. Flowers Circuit Court in 2012..

Also notice that there is no “After Filing Return To:” information on it as is on the original MORTGAGE. Notice the Court Clerk Stamp that states RECEIVED JD PEACOCK II 2016 MAY 31 AM10 48 when it was supposed to be filed and recorded on 04/14/ 2005 upon our MORTGAGE purchase of the home which another sticker on it that shows that it was recorded 5/31/2016!!

It was not recorded until 2016 which shows RICO CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING; BANK/ LENDER FRAUD; FRAUD in the FACTUM; FRAUD UPON THE COURT; and FRAUD UPON THE COUNTY RECORDER OFFICE in that WELLS FARGO BANK nor any bank or pretender Lender (HAS) and had no standing or jurisdiction to collect any money from us for an alleged and presumed fraudulent debt, because they were never the owner and holder of my mortgage as WELLS FARGO ATTORNEYS presented in COURT twice, once in 2012 and then again in 2016!!

Both times the two Judges were told by the Bank Attorneys that these fake copies were the ORIGINALS!! AND both times, the ATTORNEY JUDGES believed the BANK ATTORNEYS. Why, because the ATTORNEY JUDGES are Active BAR Card Carrying ATTORNEYS also..

One may rightfully argue that the ATTORNEY JUDGE is PRACTICING LAW from the Bench every time the ATTORNEY JUDGE gives his personal OPINION or BELIEF as Both Judge Flowers and Judge Ward did in their chambers and courtroom..

There is no “Official Records” paper sticker recording stamps on any page of this WELLS FARGO BANK ATTORNEYs Fake original Mortgage.. Even on the last page where our signatures are both in black Ink where they should be BLUE because every closing agent has the alleged Borrower sign Mortgage documents in Blue Ink in every STATE of the UNITED STATES.. How do I know? Because I was an active Realtor for years and attended hundreds of closings as the BUYER and the Seller Agent. These fakes and fraudulent alternative copies are on Legal Paper, but not the full legal paper as is supposed to be if originals with the same Legal Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT Form 3010 1/01.. How can that be??!!!!!

Banks are recording COPIES instead of the legal Original Mortgage Documents into County Records; thus, enforcing their BANK FRAUD customs. ALL County COURT CLERKS tell you and I that we must file ORIGINALS and cannot file or record copies into their County Records and that “It’s The LAW” again, without quoting any law and will not allow you to record or file any copies of any document unless they are original legal documents!! BUT BANKS and PRETENDER LENDERS do it all the time FRAUDULENTLY and ILLEGALLY because they are ATTORNEYS and the Government BAR COURT ATTORNEY JUDES gladly accept this fraud upon the COURT willfully, willingly, and with glee to put you people in debt.

This also shows how ATTORNEY JUDGES just accept Bank Agent ATTORNEYS’ word for anything in a COURT OF EQUITY/LAW as third-party witnesses without verifying anything and this is why YOU lose and the BANK wins 99% in all the Private Business BAR COURTS in the UNITED STATES CORPORATION in any STATE OF.. Remember a Bank is just a registered piece of paper. A CORPORATION, so how can a BANK sue you naive people who listen to ATTORNEYS who work for the COURT instead of self-educating yourselves by researching, learning, and thinking for yourselves?? You can start your education and learning at Cancel1Mortgage.info today.

HEY, folks, I was an active Realtor for years and not one time have I ever seen my buyer or seller clients sign in black ink, because all Notary MORTGAGE Closing Escrow Agents passed out their blue INKED pens for signatures and not once did I sign as a Realtor witness when no other witness was in the closing room beside the Notary Closing Agent and maybe the other representing Realtor to pick up his or her check payment to see my clients sign anything.

ALL Closing instructions state that the Buyer and Seller MUST sign in blue ink. But a fake witness signature who never saw the mortgage signing always ended up with their names and signatures on the recorded Mortgage as a bonafide witness. How is this possible?? It is downright plain BANK and NOTARY ESCROW CLOSING FRAUD and CONSPIRACY, people!!! And this fraud has been going on since 1994 when Banks started the illegal securitization fraud through CUSTOMS, NOT law..

When you finally get your mortgage paid off utilizing the CAP Security Instrument at Cancel1Mortgage.info or just slave away and work your ass off for years for the BANK FRN fiat money to finally pay off your MORTGAGE that you will never own, go to court and look very closely at the so-called ORIGINAL NOTE AND MORTGAGE thru the court as I have done.. Chances are it is FRAUD and I have given you the way to prove it in this video.. Go back to it many times and learn something new each time you watch it and let your friends know too.. Think about it folks..

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I am NOT an Attorney and do NOT practice Law, but I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with Banksters, Attorneys, Law, and COURT officials in my 17 years of research to uncover banking fraud facts, that are in my client instructions that guarantee you win your court case..

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