A What if Everything That You Thought You Knew Turned Out to Be Part 1

Government registered you as serial numbers

Listen to this three-part video series and learn what if everything that you thought you knew about our present modern-day society turned out to be not quite what it seemed?

This video is part 1.

Just imagine if one day you awakened to a whole new view of the world, through a whole new completely different set of eyes.
You could now see, hear, smell, taste and touch a completely different world surrounding you in debt slavery.
A sort of virtual world! A virtual reality! An imaginary Matrix! Where everything seems to be the same yet all things tend to have a completely different Bank Investment Corporation and Attorney Speak meaning and value.
A looking glass world where everything is just a reflection of your previous real world; and practically everything seems to follow a different set of rules.

One moment you were sound at rest in the black and white, and next you awaken to this view of a world streaming in vibrant living color with government benefits, services, privileges, and debt money fiat dollar instruments other than what a free sovereign man or woman in the Republic has. An imaginary “Land beyond the Rainbow!” so to speak.

Now imagine if this world, this “Land” that you could now see before you, imagine if it was so identical to the “real” world from where you originated or were born into that you could not even distinguish the difference between them.

In other words, you could no longer tell for sure which side of the mirror you were actually on.
Alice in wonderland with a twin you that you never knew existed!
Yet, even still, imagine if you suddenly could now see and now knew that all things within this world, “EVERYTHING!” had a registered corporate commercial value attached to it! Could you then distinguish which side of the mirror you were on? Or which side of the Rainbow? Or Matrix? Or whatever and wherever? I don’t think so!

Alas!, but you already know that everything today has a commercial value attached to it!
So this would not help you much in distinguishing the one real world from the other imaginary world of corporations in the commercial.

But what if you could also now see and knew that everything within your sight had a very “specific” commercial value attached to it? And what if you could also clearly see that this specific commercial value was “attached” through some sort of “serial number”?

Suddenly, the OBVIOUS begins to expound upon your reasoning! Suddenly you now see what is ONLY the OBVIOUS!:

SERIAL NUMBERS on EVERYTHING!: Dollar bills! Your bank account! Your car (VIN)! Traffic tickets! Even YOURSELF! (Forced Birth Certificates!/Driver’s license!/SSN card!).
And practically EVERYTHING within your home (ALL household appliances and products); and of course, Credit cards, Loan Applications, Credit Applications, Mortgage Documents, etc. The list goes on and on….

Now, what if you could also see something else through your newly found sight – your newly acquired knowledge?
That is, now that you could definitely determine where you were in relation to the one real world from the other imaginary commerce world.

A debt slave in the one imaginary commerce world and a free liberated man or woman in the Republic in the other one real world.
What if you could further see and now knew that the commercial value – of any given product or thing – was “based upon” its SERIAL NUMBER, and NOT the price tag sticker amount.
Think about it

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