All Banks Across the Planet in Every Country Are All Bound to the United Kingdom Part 1

All banks across the planet in every country are all bound to the united kingdom

In this two-part video series explains Banks.

All banks across the planet in every country are all bound to the United Kingdom “Bill Of Exchange ACT 1882” describing what money is as promissory note securities with your funding signature that gives it value and creates the money and describes the Federal United States of America as UK’s Territory as does the 1996 Social Security Administration Act. No Citizen Person, Debt Slave, Legal Fiction, Surety, can operate outside of this Trade Commerce re-written Territorial Federal United States Corporate Second 1787 and Third Act of 1871 re-written Constitutions making every person a Corporation, the “law of the land” of its native people England except “We the American people” under the first 1777 Articles of Confederation Perpetual Union Constitution of the now 50 several states as the second Organic Law of the American soil.

The American “Declaration of Independence” from England is the First Organic Law; the second organic law and original styled “United States of America” Constitution is the “Articles of Confederation; and the Third Organic Law, “The Northwest Ordinance”, turning American Territories into states with equal footing as the original 13 Colony Confederation state Countries. There is no 4th Organic Law as the 1787 Territorial Federal Constitution that you know is only a rewrite of the original Confederation Constitution with the added Limited authority to Tax the Citizens and Persons in their territories, not the sovereign people living in the 50 Confederation states!

All promissory notes are securities and financial instruments that are only securities by the “beneficiary” who then execute the Promissory Note debt instrument believed as Money with intrinsic value, as he or she has power of attorney, which then gives it substance and value through your funding signature to create the money.

This Promissory Note Security money with your funding signature now holds what is known as cash value, when it is exchanged for the new Federal Promissory Note known as the Corporate Federal Reserve Promissory Bank Note Dollar, the Government paper Military script which is not lawful money. This Bank Note now holds Substance, Consideration, and Value and is also perceived by you as CASH Value or money only because of your funding signature. The Bar Code with signatures on the Dollar gives it value..

Any document that you sign of their Corporate and private (banks, financial institutions, or Governments) is all foreign to American B.A.R. ATTORNEY SPEAK Legal Documents, not Lawful Documents.

All signed contract documents are all Promissory Notes, giving them Consent and Authorizations to access your Private Trust and Estate to remove the funds. What all Companies are doing is Double or Quadrupling their dipping’s into your private trust and estate and then make false statements that you have a loan to pay with the full principal and added interest for enriching the Banks. The banks win by “uttering law” with Attorney written legal documents such as court complaints. Think about it..

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