"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

JPMorgan Chase sued for Mortgage Fraud

Bank FRAUD on 97% of loans – Valerie LOPEZ

Expert, Valerie Lopez, explains how to catch your home mortgage lender in Fraud

Know what to look for to avoid becoming a victim of bank loan fraud and learn about Loans and Credit!

Learn how to Protect Yourself Against Bank Account Fraud with these handy videos.

JPMorgan Chase sued for Mortgage Fraud
This is really well done as far as content and explanation, showing you every turn of the RICO activity perpetrated by the banks, their attorneys and Wall Street, explained by a female mortgage broker who got screwed by the system that she supported for so many years without truly knowing all the puzzle pieces until it turned on her.
This looks like a revenge piece that should be in the hands of every sheriff, honest attorney and victim in America.

Part 1 of 97% of Home Loans are NULL & Void due to BANK FRAUD

part 2 of 97% of HOME LOANS are NULL & VOiD

You got to see this. Former Securities Mort. Banker, Val Lopez explains why you can NULLIFY 97% of Home Loans, TODAY. NOW.

Valerie LOPEZ, reveals Bank FRAUD on 97% of loans

1hour, 22 minutes on how 97% of Home Owners can catch the FRAUD done by the BANKERS , AFTER they Loan goes through, and before they can Foreclose Illegally on your home. Former securities Broker, Valerie Lopez nails the bank GANGSTERS of Wall Street, and PITE DUNCAN, Attorneys acting as 3rd party Debt collectors. Final Edit.

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