Becoming a Secured Party Creditor

Becoming a secured party creditor

A Secured Party Creditor, having regained control of your life and your sovereignty, is no longer subject to the same controls as existed prior to your UCC secured party process when you were unknowingly an accommodation party to, surety, and guarantor for, the fictional corporate entity debtor “strawman,”.

The STRAWMAN that functioned as your name in all upper-case “CAPS” initials, and existed from the time your birth certificate and Social Security Card issued to these Children lost at sea in the commercial Matrix – as well as other forced Adhesion Debt contracts which is an agreement between two parties, often one party having more power over the other, and setting out all the terms of the contract. The other party has little or no ability to negotiate for more reasonable terms..
These alleged bank debt contracts can be legally terminated at

One such reason is that the live flesh-and-blood man no longer has so much external control existing over you after a UCC Secured Party Creditor process, is because you are no longer obligated to the fictitious “bankruptcy” and “debt.” The Secured Party Sovereign’s medium of exchange is that of silver and gold coins under Original Law (common supreme ‘law of the land”) and Original Jurisdiction.

The Registered Secured Party Creditor, Creator, and funder of all Bank debt documents is completely “exempt” from any government bankruptcy, debt, tax, interest, or any other type of “liability” (especially liabilities that can only be paid in “Federal Reserve Notes”) and is the Creditor.

Sovereign Live flesh-and-blood people can not be forced or compelled to even “use” valueless unbacked Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). The Sovereign Live flesh-and-blood Secured Party Creditor can not be forced to “pay” in FRNs for any debt or liability incurred (or supposedly incurred). Thus, you are exempt from any and ALL payment demands made in or subject to FRNs. But you must claim this.

At the same time, with there being no lawful money of exchange (silver or gold coin) readily available – due to the manipulated bankruptcy and the government has removed all gold [and silver] from the supply of the American people [see Public Law 73-10, Chapter 48 Sections 112 and 113, formally known as HJR-192 that created the United States Government obligation to pay all debts incurred by the American people.

Thus, being the reason the government uses unbacked valueless commercial paper (FRNs) from the foreign Federal Private Reserve Corporation and New Credit Agreement Debt Lien Payoff Security money in the discharge of all its debts and obligations in commerce.

Thus, the Secured Party Creditor can not even be made obligated to pay any debts in “silver or gold,”. There is not enough gold or silver coins readily available to the American people to lawfully pay their bank debts! It is therefore only under “NECESSITY” that a Secured Party Creditor flesh-and-blood even uses FRNs as a medium of exchange throughout your daily activities.

BUT to pay off the alleged Bank debts there is the alternate New Credit Agreement Debt Loan Payoff Contract Security to discharge your debts at Even then, and because it is only by virtue of “NECESSITY” that you do use FRNs on a daily basis, you are still “exempt” from any type of “bankrupt government” FRN debts or liabilities. But again you must claim them.

Besides, the STATE – being a bankrupt “debtor” – can not compel anything upon a Secured Party “Creditor.” It was YOUR “energy” “Spirit” “sweat of your brows” and hard work that was credited to them! Thus, they borrowed from YOU using your debit or loan funding signature as security!

They are, always have been, always WILL BE the actual “DEBTOR” to YOU! Always owing YOU! We at are your debt termination solution and we can help you legally discharge and terminate your debt in 14 days and become debt-free..

When the Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is confronted with any type of debt, obligation, liability, service, contract, etc., be it from a bank, government agency, public official, credit bureau, utility company, or any other type of agency or entity that functions exclusively with the use of FRNs – and/with these very commercial entities and transactions being based in bankruptcy and commercial “debt” – the SPC, through “exemption,” is thus able to “discharge” the above type debts.

NOT through an incomplete “Acceptance for Value,” process, but with the New Credit Agreement Payoff Security, CAP, for a short description, debt lien payoff system, the SPC being exempt from such “debt.” The SPC simply then has only one remaining option, and that is to, therefore “discharge” the debt!

The purpose for doing this “Chargeback” to the Secretary of the Treasury is to create and “charge up” a whole new UCC Treasury Contract Trust Account in order so that you can discharge debts and obligations legally and thus handle the commercial affairs of your strawman Debtor – all from a brand new account that you are now creating, and all without interference from any third or outside parties.

In the beginning, when you were a newly born infant, your parents – through their unknowingly forced voluntary signature – at that time created and “charged up” an all-new UCC Treasury Contract Trust Account for you with the government’s, Government Birth Certificate and government Social Security Number!

You are now doing this exact same thing – only you are creating and opening up a whole new account, with a number that is based upon your registered mail “tracking number” – and unlike your parents, you are doing exactly what they DID in reverse, but only YOU comprehend and neither of your Parents did not!
Think about it..

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