Best Hidden Government Bank Criminal Action in the History of Man – Part 2

Best hidden government bank criminal action in the history of manAgain, the Bank or Finance companies are investment companies that borrow the money from an investor trust set up by usually larger banks or government entity corporations such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Hud, Ginny Mae, or other private investor trusts or banks; therefore, the presumed bank or finance lenders are the actual debtors and borrowers that exchange their borrowed money or FRNs they have borrowed from a “Warehouse” line of credit loan for an exchange of your funding signature on their financial contracts that they turn into a Security or money by filing which registers your Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Property in the local Corporate Business Courthouse recording office.

Yes, the Mortgage contract property remains your property after you pay it off or have you’re presumed debt discharged. But the investor trust destroys your private and personal Mortgage NOTE and Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security Property upon securitization is proven by their Trust Pooling and Servicing Contract. There you have it, destruction of your private property. And because of the destruction of your private property under SEC Rules, no one has your original Blue inked signed legal documents to prove that they are the owner or holder in due course of your Mortgage.

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Do you know who you are? If you are under the impression that you are Federal United States Citizens, you are brainwashed! LEGAL under the Federal Government is not Lawful under organic law!! Think about it..

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