Business Owners Work FREE for Government

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No business owner is actually a direct or indirect employee of the government.

The business owner, like any other PERSON CITIZEN, is an obedient debt slave net recipient of government’s services, benefits, welfare handouts, privileges, and policies under the Color of Law of the foreign to American soil JUST US good old boy political democratic elite’s hierarchy.

Are you running or conducting a small or large business as a sole proprietor, LLC, small business, “S” or “C” Corporation. Are you in business debt? Do you collect direct State or local sales taxes for the Government? Did you know that you are working free for the Government every time you collect their indirect or direct sales or other taxes and send it to the government so-called authorities?

Are you getting a salary for working for the government? Are you getting paid to collect taxes for the Government? What authority, statute, or law states that you have to work for the government for free?

Has the Government proven that they have the authority?

Where does their authority come from? Is their authority a private corporation or actually the constitutional government? Have you asked them to prove their authority to place you in debt peonage to make you a debt slave that is robbing your fellow man by collecting and giving these sales taxes to the government? Or is it that you want to or like working for free?

What if I could show you how to stop working for the Government for free and own your business without debt or monthly payments, what would you do? You could go to and order the New Credit Agreement, CAP, Financial Security to pay off your business bank debt in 16 days. Or you could just cancel your Business registration with your State CORPORATION BUSINESS SERVICES to obtain true and full ownership of your business. BUT you would still owe the debt if you canceled your government registration..

As a STATE REGISTERED LLC, Sole Proprietor, “S” or “C” Corporation, the State and Federal Government owns that business.

When your business is registered with the State, you become just a salaried Manager or CEO of their newly owned Government business that you just gave them by your registration.

Don’t believe me, call your state corporation Business registration office and ask, ”When I register or incorporate my business with you, does the State own my business”? Then you will find out the truth behind collecting State Sales Taxes for free.

These are some questions you may ask the government or tax collector. You may also go to my home page and learn how to pay off your business loans in 15 days! And presumed debt with a valid, binding, registered legal New Credit Agreement Business Debt Payoff Financial Security from that Banks, Corporations, and Territorial Federal and State Government have accepted as payment of the debt and consider money.
Think about it.. take the survey. And see if you qualify.

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