Cash Is TOXIC From Panic FEAR Part 3

Cash is toxic from panic fear

A Bill in the House of Representatives in Washington, District of Columbia was introduced by CALIFORNIA’S NANCY PELOSI that will make the UNITED STATES CURRENCY a worthless Confederate Dollar, a cashless society with the introduction of the new U. S. currency.

It’s hidden in plain sight right on page 314 of the 1,119-page draft In Section 101, Titled “PROTECTING CONSUMERS, RENTERS, HOME-OWNERS, AND PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS: Direct stimulus payments for families.

Does this sound familiar?

YOUR Government is lying to you again, right? Did you receive your stimulus money?

Cash is toxic from panic fear8
In plain black and white, Pelosi’s plan calls for the creation of a new “digital dollar” along with a new “digital dollar wallet.” Some of you may call it the CyborCurrency like the Bitcoin and the TRNcoins at CyborCurrency is happing now with the FRN when wired or direct deposit in or from your bank account. Think about it..

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