Defeating bank and government corruption by law

Here are a few statute codes of law you may want to learn regarding Bank and government corruption and how to defeat them in court when you use them in the proper context.

Title 18 USC 241 states “Federal Laws” are lawfully binding on all States.

The 11th Amendment states: that we are subject to criminal and civil actions of attorneys. These are usually commenced and prosecuted in the name of some “Imaginary Person” (Corporation), the corporate “STATE”, corporate “BANK”, or corporate “UNITED STATES”.

All cases of this nature are prohibited in all these “Foreign States” by the 11th Amendment of the 1787 Territorial “Federal Constitution for the United States of America Union of the several state Nations” to commence or prosecute any action or litigation. To file any cause of action with one of these as “Plaintiff” is “Fraud” 18 USC 1001 and “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241.

The 6th Amendment secures the accused the right to face all witnesses against him. Therefore, this law requires the “Plaintiff” (injured party) to be a physically living Homo sapiens man, woman, or child that can be cross-examined.

The only time an attorney can act without a physically living Homo sapiens man, woman or child “Plaintiff” is in the case of “murder”. All other cases require the “Plaintiff” to be present in court but you must demand that the victim show up, testify, and be cross-examined.

The 6th Amendment also states: the accused has a right to face the accused/ Defendant’s accuser in any Civil or Criminal Court. The accuser must be a man, woman, or Child. Upon Demand to Produce Victim, the “Prosecutor” shall produce the “Injured Party”.

If “Prosecutor” can not produce an “injured party” ASK FOR a dismissal “with prejudice” of the Bank lawsuit complaint for “lack of injured party” must and shall be granted the accused or defendant by the court. The court has no “jurisdiction” to proceed.

Principles of Law states: To establish a “crime” has been committed, there must be present physical evidence that you “injured” another human being or damaged his/her property. Attorneys have created “imposter laws” that establish “victimless” “crimes”.

This is “Fraud” 18 USC 1001 for any attorney to present these imposter crimes, without an injured party, claiming authority to prosecute. When a “Plaintiff” can not be cross-examined, no judge can prove the due process of law was administered. “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241 of the “Prosecutor” and “Judge” acting in “Prosecutorial Misconduct” in “Conspiracy to convict” must be reported to the proper authority.

Failure of that authority to prosecute the “Attorney” and “Judge” is “Misprision of Felony” 18 USC 4.

Demanding Rights:

When you are arrested on a warrant, demand to be taken before the judge who issued it, right then immediately which is your right. Taking you to jail is “kidnapping”, being held for ransom, Involuntary Servitude, and Human Trafficking.

Every warrant issued is to bring you before the court (judge), not take you to jail. You are guilty of nothing and can not be subjected to possible violence of jail, without due process of law; otherwise, you can sue for damages to any third-party official.

Demand to be taken before the judge Immediately. If the Officer refuses, tell “Officer ****” I now charge you with “Kidnapping” “involuntary Servitude”, and “Human Trafficking” and you will be talking with a US Attorney when you are released.”


A bond is for one purpose to ensure your appearance in court. Tell the judge “your word is your bond you will appear”. I will not allow you to extort money on my word. Any amount you demand of me to retain my freedom is extortion. This man states for the Record, My word is my bond and I will appear.
Think about it..

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