Deficits Don’t Matter MISNOMER Concerning the U.S. National Debt

Deficits don’t matter misnomer concerning the u s national debt

Another misnomer you often hear is that “deficits don’t matter”, a saying popularized by Dick Cheney, an ostensible fiscal conservative.

BUT deficits do matter. In order to become wealthy, you have to produce more than you consume and save the difference. Saving the difference builds capital. And you need capital to create more wealth.

Just like the old saying in Diet Programs, “You have to burn more calories than you consume to become slim, healthy, and lose fat.”
Countries without capital are poor. Places like Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Mauritania. The only capital they have is sticks and stones.
The U.S. Government is in effect training you people to consume more than you produce by their welfare system and become fat, lazy, and non-productive.

Now, you can be non-productive in basically two ways. One, by borrowing capital on your credit that’s been saved and created in the past, and consuming it. Or, two, you can become non-productive by mortgaging your children’s future. Bank Mortgages are actually illegal because the Bank does not loan you anything.

Banks and mortgage companies are Investment Companies borrowing funds from a BIG BANK or TRUST “Warehouse” Line of Credit where Investors pool their money to lend to these parasites.

The BANK, LENDER, MORTGAGE COMPANY is actually the DEBTOR AND BORROWER but they transfer the Investor Funds to themselves in a hidden account with your name on it; thus, making the illusion that you, the Consumer, is the DEBTOR and BORROWER.. Mortgage Fraud is the Biggest Fraud in history, folks..

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