Difference between Commodity Money and fiat Money

Historically, as trade increased through the centuries, commodity or intrinsic valued money such as lawful gold and silver was used in most countries.

In the 16th century, goldsmiths (BANKSTERS) began storing gold and silver for customers and issuing them paper receipts, which could be converted back into gold on demand.

Today you cannot convert the FEDERAL RESERVE International Promissory Note Government Military Script Dollars into gold or silver, because the Government made a pact with the Banksters to use their Fiat, not real, paper money. But you can convert these debt dollars into Lawful Money by using the Bank’s own banking law Statutes stamped on their FRNs against them under Title 12 U.S.C. Section 112..

Carrying precious metals around is a considerable physical burden, though. Over time, people started to use the receipts, paper fiat money in the form of Promissory Notes, given to them by these goldsmiths/Banksters instead.

In other words, these paper receipts became a fake form of military script money themselves dating back to the WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, not a CIVIL WAR folks, that are used all over the world– and forerunners of the Promissory Note Banknote Debt DOLLARS that are used today. Think about it..

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