Do You Have A Right to Vote? Are You Sure?

Do you have a right to vote are you sure

No, you do not have a “RIGHT TO” vote by the Constitution, but it is your right to elect public government officials that man and woman create for protection and to keep order from kayos.


This is why you can vote, but your vote does not count, meaningless DOG & PONY SHOW because your CITIZEN PERSONS are debt slaves and SLAVES cannot Elect?
Included are the local Police, City Mayors, Local Government Officials, and STATE OF Governors where there are no Courts of Record in Exclusive Common Law to filter down to you.

First let’s look at the Police created by the Mayors to protect government interests, not to protect you, the “people of the United States” and to arrest CODE Breakers to protect the Government.

Now let’s look at the State Governors who have the power of God over each and every one of you controlled debt slaves and artificial CITIZEN PERSONS whose job is to protect the UNITED STATES INC. from one of the “people of the United States” of America, a sovereign man like me, the Foreign to the UNITED STATES INC. Enemy of the DEEP STATE who created them by, did you guess it. By voting not electing, local people to represent you, your rights, your freedom, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness as one of the masses.. Think about it..

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