Don’t Fall For The CAP/LPN Security Scam Of People Pretending To Be Me Or Work For Me In Order To Scam You Out Of Money

First off, My Young Wife and this living Homo Saipan man are the ONLY man or woman that legally processes the IPN, LPN, or CAP Security Instrument and in charge of the Bi-Monthly CAP Security Lottery.

BUT, there are people that are trying to claim that they either work for me or are me to SCAM YOU!! This Scammer has a foreign accent. I do NOT. All my data Processors are Americans and do not have accents either. If a John C., David Young, David Miller, or anyone else contacts you with this claim, please hang up on them. I only call to return your phone call when you call me if I am busy when you call.

You can tell my voice, as NONE of my data processing people will call you. When you receive one of these phone calls from anyone who claims this just listen to their voice and compare it with my YOUTUBE Videos or my voice when I answer your phone call and you can tell that it is NOT me calling you..

They will tell you that you have won a Lottery of $500,000.00 to $800,000.00 and they want $5,000.00 before you can claim the winnings. Or that they have special contacts in the Banks to accept your CAP Security to pay off your debt for $2500.00 more. They may even solicit your email, name, and ask you if you are a woman, single, or lonely as one scammer did to one of my women customers recently.

This is why I am making this video and to apologize to you that may have been scammed, but it is out of my control. All I can do is post this video to warn you. When you have a successful business like mine, hackers and scammers are everywhere trying to learn my IPN, LPN, and CAP Security Instrument copyrighted and patent pending process.

Two of these SCAMMER’s Phone Numbers that I now of thru my clients and customers are: CA # (424) 379-3215 and TX # 806-839-7921. There may be more. It is believed that this person is from India or an Asian country.

Again, don’t be fooled by these impostor Scammers trying to ruin my good reputation and my legally processed IPN, LPN, and CAP Security Instrument Debt Payoff Business.

Thousands of People try to hack my websites every day and this is a new tactic from these scammers, so BEWARE and hang up on them. Do NOT talk to them. I do not know how they are getting your phone numbers to call you pretending to be me or work for me at or one of my other internet sites.

REMEMBER, ONLY this living Homo sapiens man, Davidallen AKA David Allen Young will ONLY call you from my phone number 850-826-1662 to return your call only if you call me first unless it is to inform you that you have won the CAP Security Instrument Lottery along with an EMAIL. One without the other is not me..

Please visit me at to pay off your debt utilizing the bank approved and very successful CAP Security. I do not charge you more fees for my processing or hidden fees after you become a client to pay off your debts as these SCAMMER claim to..