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In today’s economic depression, a mortgage rate calculator, auto rate calculator, student loan rate calculator, debt calculator, or any type of loan calculator is useful to find out what the debt loan APR Interest rates are going to be.

Mortgage, auto, student loan, or any kind of loan calculator can be deceiving, without the PITI which includes the principle and interest that you will be paying over the next 2 to 30 years on your alleged debt or loan which is not a loan by any means by the bank or financial institution using the CAP Financial Security Instrument!

When you receive an alleged bank loan, you will find that you do not receive a check, money, receipt, or cash loan at your closing as you would expect to receive. you must ask for the RECEIPT at closing.

SO WHO is really receiving the MORTGAGE, AUTO, EDUCATION LOAN that you have to pay for, WITH INTEREST?
A loan calculator helps determine the total cost and monthly payment amount. At the closing, you will sign a lot of documents and not enough time to read them no matter what kind of alleged loan it is. The reason for this is if you had the time to read these financial documents, you would know that you are being robbed and swindled. This is why you need a loan calculator.

Two of these mortgage closing documents that are most important are the promissory note and mortgage/deed of trust that you always have to sign in BLUE INK. The Escrow Closing Notary Bank Agent will never allow you, the borrower, to sign the Warranty Deed a to accept it. This is why you must pay property taxes. But there is a way to avoid paying these property taxes at
When buying a personal automobile, or applying for a credit card or student loan, the documents you sing without reading them are financial contracts that you paid at the time of closing with your debt signature.
This is bank fraud and extortion that occurs many times every day because the bank or financial institution receives payment in full when they cash in your signed contract or agreement. This is called monetizing.
The Lender Bank does not disclose this, among many other illegal activities that will go on behind your back until it is too late to do anything about it. Use the loan calculator to pay off your debt or loan today utilizing the CAP Financial Security Instrument.

OR CAN YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?, YES, you can through a new proven debt and loan payoff using the Government’s money that is legal and binding under the Federal Uniform Commercial Code, UCC, of laws under Article 3 and all State Constitutions.

Once you sign these mortgage, auto, or school education loan documents or financial agreements or contracts, the Lender Bank turns your signature and good credit into money with a little stamp used by banks to create money from your signature called PAY TO THE ORDER OF, WITHOUT RECOURSE, an allonge to complete the contract security!

This is how money is created out of thin air by the Banks, to rob you of your hard-earned labor and money, while receiving both principal and interest!

To learn more, just complete the short form below and we will contact you to answer all your questions about mortgages, notes, debts, and loans. Also, use the loan calculator below to see how much money you will owe after you have completed our Debt Loan Payoff service.


    so you can Instantly download both the E-booklet PDF, the Word Document ITEMS NEEDED, and the non-disclosure AGREEMNET for us to process the CAP to get your debt paid off and discharged.. So be sure you read your emailed receipt after you order.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, direct download is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering.

“The E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that make the Hidden Money Species a Legal Tender Of Payment; about the items needed; and the proof of the CAp working to pay off your debts; and the cost of processing of the Hidden Money Species Debt Payoff for your situation! If you decide to pursue the entire DEBT FREE procedure, additional CAP and Private banker costs for Processing must be added in order for us to legally provide the CAP and finish the process and Legal Tender Of Final Payment to get you DEBT FREE.

This is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Payoff Process! This e-booklet does NOT give you a Cheap magic bullet Do-It-Yourself form or template that does NOT WORK, because it is a Process and we must have your items needed, non-disclosure AGreement, and PROCESSING COST payment in order to process your debt payoff to get you DEBT FREE.”

Our $100,000.00 GUARANTEE has just been INCREASED to $5,000,000.00!!!

If you can find a Legislative Federal Law that states this Special, Negotiable Security Instrument, International Promissory Note, is illegal, a scam, or is a Fraud, I will personally give you $100,000.00 NOW $5 MILLION DOLLARS Cash FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE DOLLAR Money!

I really want someone to find this Non-Existent Law, because if anyone does find a law that proves and says that this Special Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument, International Promissory Note, is illegal, a scam, or is a Fraud, so are the Mortgage Promissory Notes, Loan application promissory notes, Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars, Auto loan promissory notes, Credit card promissory note applications, and any and all other credit applications illegal against the Banks and the United States Government!!!

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