I hope you learn from this 6 part GETTING PRIVILEGES WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS video series..

You voluntarily sign with your consent for privileges; YOU pay the Price with your time, energy, hard work, laziness, and/or money. As you can see, there are no privileges without obligations, but both poor and wealthy people are on welfare because of their laziness, by their deceit and lies, or their own racism when they claim or apply for the government welfare food and or money programs and think the other people owe them because the other people worked smart or hard and earned the money they have..

Most people don’t realize that when you sign an APPLICATION with some Federal or State of Government agency or even a corporation such as a bank, you are signing a NEGOTIABLE SECURITY INSTRUMENT that you funded and pays that government agency either directly or indirectly..

This means you are making a PROMISE to PAY or PERFORM in the future according to that agency’s RULES, CODES, STATUTES, and REGULATIONS and not the law AND NOT WITH REAL LAWFUL MONEY, But with debt instrument Promissory Notes; thus, you are ENTERING TERRITORIAL FEDERAL COMMERCE by signing or using the FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTE DOLLARS Commercial Paper that the banks and government give you in the place of money for your hard work..

For example, a STATE OF Driver License gives you the PRIVILEGE and benefit of driving a commercial or government vehicle one for hire but OBLIGATES you to abide (perform) by the Incorporated Federal STATE OF Vehicle Code even in your own personal conveyance automobile household goods because you paid for that item with Federal Reserve Note Fiat imaginary Dollar debt instruments. You only have the privilege of DRIVING their government motor VEHICLE and you have to make sure that VEHICLE is in good working and DRIVING shape using your own money or debt instrument Promissory Note dollars. WHAT A SWEET DEAL FOR THE state of government, WOULDN’T YOU SAY??

And if you break some of those GOVERNMENT VEHICLE codes, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY a fine in FRN’s, their Company Script fiat promissory note money commercial paper, or be arrested by the Government’s standing army on our soil called Police, County Sheriffs, State Code Enforcement Officers, or Federal Code Enforcement Officers.. These Private Corporate Citizen Persons are not there to protect you, one of the sovereign American people!!

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