Government FRAUD as Stated by Federal World Postal Court Judges | Part 4

Government fraud as stated by federal world postal court judges

Privateers and Private Corporations control All Central Banks in all Countries. There is no money without your Sweat Equity wet Inked signature or without the Country’s Currency symbol stamped or printed on it according to the Universal Postal Union, UPU, the Union controlling the world of commercial trade, and according to the World International Federal Postal Court Judges.

All world country money currency symbols must be printed, stamped, or etched on all money to have any value or consideration. The World Postal Court judges also state that it is a crime against humanity, fraud, counterfeiting, a misprision of justice in the Rules of Treason, against all people and against all laws, and a breach of your sweat equity public trust using the physical sweat equity of your brows.

This is also against the 13th Amendment of the last two, Territorial Federal and Corporate Commercial Constitutions that have prohibited and abolished slavery and involuntary servitude for the American people to work for and pay their added interest in order to earn what you people think and perceive as money that has no value or consideration without the $ symbol being on the Privateer printed, stamped, etched on the United States dollars, the sterling pound symbols on England currency, or their money symbols on all currencies in every country of the world.

Do any of your paper dollars have the $ sign symbol?

Think about it.

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