Government FRAUD as Stated by Federal World Postal Court Judges – Part 6

Government fraud as stated by federal world postal court judges

Banks do not lone or lend money for mortgages, automobiles, Credit Cards, or any other item!! You fund your own mortgages by creating money by your redemption Signature on their one-sided contracts.

Mortgages that you are conned into paying back are death threats for Bank forced Debt Slavery, Involuntary Servitude, and Human Slave Trafficking to use the sweat equity of your brow to pay their unlawful interest.

Your mortgage Bank deposit money that you pay for the down payment at your ATTORNEY-owned Escrow Notary Mortgage Closing is put into a Private Bank Account. The presumed money that the Bank loans you as a mortgage loan is not a loan.

You fund your own loan with your sweat equity by your wet ink signature when you sign the Promissory Note and the forced Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Property which is then recorded into County Official records to become a registered Security, money, currency, and a bank asset.

Federal Private Reserve Debt Promissory Notes are printed with no value or consideration; thus, money is created that did not exist before you signed their Commercial Mortgage Loan Contracts.

The Bank takes the newly printed Notes out of their Private Account and put them into your Public Bank Account where these Debt Note Dollars can be transferred into someone else’s Bank Account; therefore, adding the false value of the Account to the Bank that EXCHANGES your funding money consideration value wet ink signature for these Fake dollars; thus, representing a loan that is only an EXCHANGE for your consideration and perceived value. This is how Banks put money into the commercial.

These Debt Note Dollars are worthless coming out of these Private Banks in exchange for your sweat equity which makes this Mortgage Presumed Loan a Crime without the $ dollar sign which the Bank breached their contract based on your good faith and sweat equity.

This is when the Navy is called in and involved through your Regional Provost Marshal General. The Bank has made themselves the beneficiary of your good faith and sweat equity of your Public Trust.

The Bank and Attorneys made themselves the Masters and you the Debt slaves and placed you in involuntary servitude under their Federal and Corporate Constitutions’, 13th Amendment abrogating slavery. This is a Federal crime.

In doing so, the Bank takes control of your life with the Government created commercial Birth Certificate with your mirror image, strawman, NAME in all CAPITAL LETTERS as a commercial Corporation and legal fiction. You must always be the Beneficiary of your sweat equity and no one else can conduct your affairs for you apart from yourselves.
Think about it..

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