Government Registered You As Serial Numbers

Government registered you as serial numbers

For many years I’ve lived as a living, flesh, and blood Republic man, not a person or US Citizen which are all Corporate Fictions and creations of the state.

But in order to help the American people to pay off your bogus and imaginary bank debts in their commercial imaginary matrix, I have had to follow their rules and register in their STATES OF FLORIDA and TEXAS as a business..

I have learned that anything with a number is a corporate fiction. Cars, boats, planes, homes, and children, are all property. All persons with numbers are draft-able, taxable, inoculable, institutional, and jailable because these numbers are corporate Bank and Government controlling serial numbers.

You give away everything, your rights, freedoms, and liberties when registering, making it corporate federal property thus raising bastard children property for the State & Federal system.

There is a vast difference between being an American and a STATE OF or a United States, Inc., U.S. 14th amendment Citizen Debt slave. Thousands of statutes apply to citizens and not American Republic men and women who have corrected your status and standing. A living man of flesh and blood while presumed to be a corporate citizen is only a legal fiction artificial Person. Choose this day whom you will serve?
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Man alone is complete in Christ Jesus Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally, and Emotionally. Christ has commanded us to be whole flesh and blood men and women. Man is Absolutely Predestined for heaven or hell…Where do you stand?

Your future depends on your ability to learn the truth and to educate yourself and others far and wide. The corporate Government’s mind washed through propaganda, misinformation, controlled news, and lies are the result of where you are today as the masses continue supporting Federal Fraud & taxation.

Welcome to the New World Normal where you will own nothing and be happy. Awake now to the fact you already own nothing not even your body with a government-registered Birth Certificate number and a Social Security Number.

Remember a government registration number is a serial number to spy on and control you by the District Of Columbia Corporation Government. This man is in His Service as per the Holy Bible verse John 8:32.
Think about it..

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