How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Part 2

Biggest Thing Since 1776 is Happening NOW, How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Through Government Idiot Officials intervention part 2

See this video below:

Let’s talk about the Corona Virus or rather the hysteria effects surrounding it is doing to your livelihoods. Airlines are shut down. An airliner costs them $10,000 a day, whether they use it or not. Same, to some degree, for hotels. A restaurant closes down, but the owner still has to pay his mortgage. And the staff mostly lives on tips. How are they going to pay the rent and if they don’t, then how’s the landlord going to pay his mortgage? The consequences of businesses shutting down, and going bust, are just huge.

For many years, the US has been what’s called a “service economy.” Most people don’t produce actual hard goods like houses, cars, food, and raw materials. We mostly do services. It’s a so-called “consumer economy.” A rather stupid concept actually. The term takes the emphasis off production and puts it on consumption. When you have a depression, what happens? Consumers cut back consumption to the very barest basics.

Services are the first to go. Hospitality and travel alone is supposedly ten percent of the world’s economy. People will now keep their cars for years, and maybe, sell the spare car. Forget about new wardrobes. The clothing and fashion businesses get slammed. Everyone will try to sell their big showy houses and get something practical.

Distortions cranked into the economy by decades of money printing are going to be liquidated. Everybody is going to cut back to the basics. A lot of people are going to have to find new ways to support themselves. It’s especially serious since, it’s said, most of America is one paycheck away from not being able to buy the next meal. Plus, they have lots of debt which is somebody else’s asset. Counterparty risk is a big deal. This is where the Cap Security Instrument at comes in to pay your debts while you consumers still have the money. Now is the time to get the Credit Agreement Debt Payoff CAP Security Instrument to terminate your debt today.. Think about it..

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