LEGAL MAXIMS of REASON in the Common Law of the Land Final Part 9

Civil rights and actions

Speeding or other civil road violations are only minor misdemeanor offenses and not Criminally arrestable!

Speeding, running stop signs, traveling without license plates, or registration are not threats to public safety, and thus are not arrestable offenses.” Christy v. Elliott, 216 I 131, 74 HE 1035, LRA NS 1905-1910 “Speeding, driving without a license, wrong plates or no plates, no registration, no tags etc.

have been held to be non-arrestable offenses” (Cal v. Farley, 98 Cal. Rep. 89, 20 CA 3d 1032) Licenses are for the conduct of business, profession, occupation, the exercise of such when they are a privilege, licensing is in the nature of SPECIAL PRIVILEGE entitling licensee to do something that he would not be entitled to do without a license. San Francisco v Liverpool, 74 Cal 113.
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