Pay Off Residential or Commercial DEBT or LOAN TODAY Using the CAP Security Instrument Note

Discover the HIDDEN Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument Information to pay off your bank or financial debt or loan using the Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP, Financial Security Instrument Note, U.S. Government Legal Tender of Payment, U.S. Currency and Money under Federal Law, Banking Law, and the Securities Act for Promissory Notes at that is due you under Public Law and Policy 73-10, Chapter Stat 112!!! Receive what you deserve today..

Residential and Commercial Business Loans and Debts Paid off and Discharged using the CAP Financial Security Instrument form of bank money In All States up to $10,000,000.00 MILLION DOLLARS EACH CAP Financial Security Instrument.

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A huge discount is offered to Physically Challenged as some people call “Disabled”, and those over 62 years of age for a limited time only found in this debt payoff E-Booklet. Order yours now. You qualify to use this Hidden Money Negotiable Security Instrument to pay off your bank debts if the amount of your debt is over $10,000.00.

Credit Payoff Agreement, CAP Financial Security instrument Promissory Note Pays Off Debts

Discover the HIDDEN Information to pay off your debt or loan using CAP Security Financial Instrument Tender of Payment, a form of bank money. Receive Secret Information about Debt or Loan payoff now with our informational International Promissory Note, IPN E-booklet for foreign Countries debt payoff below. When you receive your purchase receipt, the Instant Download Link to the e-booklet, the Username and password is in your receipt.

The CAP Security form of bank money has a 14 DAY PROCESSING time can be found at,

“This E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that make the Hidden Money Species a Legal Tender of Debt Payment; about the items needed for us to do the processing for you; and the proof of the CAP working to pay off your debts; and the cost of processing of the Hidden Money Species Debt and Loan Payoff for your situation! It is NOT a Do-It-Yourself template. If you want a promissory note template, go on the internet and download one of the many that do not work!!!!! If you decide to pursue the entire DEBT FREE procedure, additional costs for Processing must be added in order for us to provide the Pre-processed CAP and finish the process and Legal Tender of Final Payment CAP to get you DEBT FREE. AGAIN, This is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Payoff Process! This e-booklet does NOT give you a Cheap magic bullet Do-It-Yourself form or template that does NOT WORK, because it is a Legal Process and we must have your items needed, non-disclosure agreement and processing payment in order to process your debt payoff to get you DEBT FREE even if you live in another UNITED NATIONS Country.”

We Will:
Show you that you CAN fight back against the banks by paying off your presumed mortgage or any type of alleged bank debt.

Show you how to pay off your mortgage loan or any bank loan or debt within 14 days with your full cooperation in giving us the items needed by using a newly discovered Negotiable Security Instrument under U.C.C. §3-104 and other Federal and International Laws, that has been hidden over 100 years and has recently been accepted by banks, government, courts, and the IRS as debt payment under various international laws.

The Hidden Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument is not a Redemption / Strawman / Acceptance for Value / Bills of exchange / Promissory Bonds / Indemnity Bonds / Offset Bonds / Sight Drafts / Comptrollers Warrants / or Bond Fraud and does not use the IRS form 1099-OID, and form8300 outside of their intended purpose and you cannot purchase merchandise such as cars and homes with the Secret Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument. You would be presenting the Secret Money Negotiable Security Instrument to the Bank, the bank would send it to the U.S. Treasury reserve payment window, and the Treasury would exchange the Secret Money Negotiable Security Instrument for the bookkeeping entry federal reserve promissory note paper dollars that you perceive and know as money, legal tender of payment, or dollars and send the fiat money back to the bank for the debt payoff under Generally Accepted Accounting practices, GAAP, that all banks must operate under.

This hidden Money Negotiable Security Instrument does not instruct you to ADDRESS your paperwork to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury as an IRS scheme to defraud any bank or financial institution or to extort money from the Secretary of the Treasury. EXTORTION is a CRIME!

This Hidden CAP Financial Security Instrument tender of payment form of bank money, Government Money, Negotiable Security Instrument, and International Promissory Note the same use as money and is a newly discovered, unearthed, lawful, and legitimate Negotiable Security Instrument Tender of Payment under U.C.C. §3-104 and §3-604, and banking security law just like any other financial security instrument such as a mortgage promissory note contract security, credit application promissory note, Credit Agreement, and Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollars also known as money by the banks when monetizing your signature to create money, money orders, stamps, bank checks. This Secret Money Negotiable Security Instrument, is only used to pay off your financial debts and bank loans and is backed by the United Nations and ratified, or made legal, by the United States Government in 1997 that promised and obligated to pay your debts, principal and interest, incurred by the American People under Public Law and Public Policy 73-10, Chapter 48, 48 Stat §112-§113, and 31 U.S.C. §3123 and must be accepted by Banks for debt and loan payoff under law!!! This Hidden Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument also decreases or reduces the National debt by the amount of the Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument by paying off your debt; thus, helping to pay the 1933 United States Bankruptcy debt or NATIONAL DEBT!

The Bank Accepted CAP Security is the most preferred form of debt payoff because it is a faster 14 processing time and is cheaper than the years of IPN payments.

Notice that no IRS or Government website Mentions that the International Promissory Note nor the CAP Security form of bank money, CAP Security being illegal, fraud or a scam! Nor can you find any true Congressional ratified law or statute that says that this Secret Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument is a scam, fraud, unlawful, or illegal to pay off your debts.

This is why this man offers $5 Million Dollar cash Reward for the NON-EXISTENT LAW dated before 1 September 2015 to anyone who can bring me a True Lawful Congressional Assembled Legislative Positive Law that states the CAP Financial Security Instrument, CAP, is a fraud, scam, or unlawful!

The IRS does not want you to know this fact, so they use propaganda to keep control over their Human collateral, which is you, so you can pay off the corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Bankruptcy debt owed to the Federal Reserve Banks and the wealthy and controlling European families.

Do your own research before you think this Hidden Money Negotiable Financial Security Instrument is unlawful.

The two satisfactions of mortgage below prove that the Secret Negotiable Security Instrument Legal Tender has worked to pay off any bank loan, even a mortgage!

Both mortgages were paid off using this Newly Discovered CAP Security form of bank money, CAP Security Government Money Financial Security Instrument, IPN.

CAP BoA Satisfaction 001

CAP Satisfaction 001

Our $5,000.00 $30,000.00 $1 Million Dollar Now a $5 Million Dollar GUARANTEE!

If you can find a Congressional Legislative Federal Positive Law that states this Special, Negotiable Security Instrument, CAP, is unlawful, fraudulent, or a scam, I will personally give you $5,000,000,000.00 Cash FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE DOLLAR Money!

I really want someone to find this Non-Existent Law, because if anyone does find this is a legislative law that proves and states that this Special Debt and Loan Payoff CAP Security form of bank money, CAP Security former LPN Security, Government Money Instrument is unlawful, a fraud, or a scam, so are the Mortgage Promissory notes, Loan application promissory notes, Federal Reserve promissory note Dollars, Auto loan promissory notes, Credit card applications, and any and all other credit promissory note applications, bank checks, bank cashier checks, Postal money orders, and Stamps ILLEGAL!!! and Folks, ALL of these mentioned are International Promissory Notes!

Do your own research before you think this Special Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument is unlawful and waste your time trying to find that law that does NOT Exist, but if it did exist, it would prove The Bank FRAUD to the Bank’s Hip Pocket Attorney Judges and Courts!

Order your CAP Security form of bank money, CAP Security Government Money e-booklet today to pay off all types of debt and a way to make money by helping others pay off their debts with the CAP that is faster and cheaper than the CAp on this website. Most people order both E-booklets with different information so that you can make an intelligent decision on which one best suits your needs.

Discover the HIDDEN Information to pay off your debt or loan using the CAP Security form of bank money, Government Money. Receive Secret Information about Debt or Loan payoff now with our CAP Note E-booklet below. When you receive your purchase receipt, the Instant Download Link to the e-booklet, Items Needed, and the non-disclosure Agreement is in your receipt.

The Bank Accepted CAP Financial Security Instrument is the most preferred form of debt payoff other than the DRN Dollar because it is a faster 14 processing time and is cheaper than the FRN DOLLARS.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff CAP e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, user name, and password is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering.

“This SPECIAL, CAP Financial Security Instrument type of debt instrument Promissory Note Money E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that make the SPECIAL, CAP a financial security instrument and a Legal Tender of Payment for the mortgage and note full payment, even if in foreclosure; about the items needed to pay off your mortgage and note; and the cost of the SPECIAL, CAP mortgage Payoff for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use the SPECIAL, CAP to get you DEBT FREE is your choice .”

It is your choice of valuable information for only $19.95 for the CAP E-booklet to show you how to pay off your alleged Note and Mortgage Lien to stop foreclosure with a processing time of only 14 days if no foreclosure sale date.

All the Special Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument Materials are the intellectual property of their creator and processing company and are the present opinions, researched by International, Federal, U.C.C., UNITED STATES, State law, domestic USA Common law, and International Law by this man’s creation that has worked to pay off debts in the past. In this case, the creator is NOT a licensed so-called white-collar Government professional Agent, Attorney, or Accountant, but is an educated, certified expert in this financial field and a Documents Processing Company; and is not providing legal, financial, marriage, accounting, or relationship advice. As always, your responsible mind is capable of checking, confirming, researching, and deciding what to do with said information … which means act responsibly, no one is to blame or thank for the actions you take or don’t take but you.

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  1. It is also a violation of Federal Law to misuse the Treasury seal or the words,
    titles, symbols, or emblems of the Treasury Department, or any service, bureau,
    office or Treasury subdivision; see 31 U.S.C. 333.

    1. This law deals with the Department of the Treasury. If you read this law you will notice that it does not mention the United States Department of anything, because the Treasury is not a U.S. Government depart, but a department of the FEDERAL RESERVE. DO your research and know the truth.

      1. if you have a billion dollars why charge.
        where the big house nice cars and the youtube videos of the clients that are debt free. I want to try this but where is the proof

  2. MAKING MY NEW START IN LIFE FOR ME AND MY BED RIDDEN UNCLE TO GET THIS DONE AND BEAT THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS I did 8 hours of me Due-diligence research and can not find nothing anywere and check with BBB and not 1 person put any claim for Misconduct. So I WILL REPOST AS I GO THOUGH THROUGH THE 3 STAGE PROCESS. I will let you all no what happening.But if there is anyone out there. That has paid David Young $5000 and has got taking for a ride down the river. PLEASE Help Me anyone else make a good Decision with Positive or Negative ones only if you Purchased the Program or have first hand knowledge with Documentation. would be greatly appreciated!! thanks Lee Bromley
    Carolina R.I.

    1. First of all, the IPn process does not have any 3 stage process. You are getting this site mixed up with another website that does not apply to the IPN. Secondly, there has not been anyone taken for a ride. My clients have purchased and read the e-booklet and made their own decisions about whether to do the IPN process or not. There has been NO GUN held to their heads. The laws and proof in the e-booklet speak for themselves.

        David did I mot here you correctly on that to??

        1. The man is correct on his process. There are several ways to get out of debt. He uses the IPN and I use the BOE (Bill of Exchange) Both processes work well. You can also use an Idemnity Bond but I prefer the BOE. I have gotten three credit cards dismissed, a federal tax lien and two state tax liens. I spent about $ 3000.00 to learn the process but I know how it works and I have saved myself over $ 150,000.00. That is the best process that I have learned since compound interest.

          1. Just curious to know what company or website did you use for the BOE process ? or for the indemnity bond as well . Thanks

  3. Now!!! Maybe not. Just hang up with David Young I was going to wire him in the mourning that he ask for but when I let him no I put a comment up he seem not to like the idea so we went to the comment and told him we I posted it. I let him read it and the comment bellow. He said that this program had nothing to do with 3 stages process? .Will my bad because I must of got confused becusee if you google this topic or his name he I think 5 websites come up dating back to 2009. but if there is anyone that bought his his e-book above is this have anything to do with the IPN BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT DIES SAY THAT ABOVE? AND WHEN I purchased the 14 pages. I believe page 1,2,3,7,8.11,12,13.14. have INP in them Right? Because
    now he says it doesn’t? So I think intill he clears that conflict up with me I WILL HOLD OFF BUT WITH ALL THE TIME I spent on research I really wanted to have my uncle become Debt Free I did tell him that I believe he contradicted himself. and ask him to leave the post bellow up so I can tell all what happens and the truth so they can make a better decision. Please follow me and maybe we can all learn something new for our family’s and friends Thanks Lee Bromley Richmond R.I also you can also inbox me on Facebook if for some reason I get deleted Peace

    1. Lee cannot follow directions either and would give any business a hard time to work with him. All we asked for was him to complete the Items Needed for us to do the processing ON our Word Document FORM. We sent this form to him 3 times and he still refuses to follow directions. This is why we informed him that we will not process his IPN. It is a business decision and not a personal one.


      David A. Young for Day Global, LLC. at

  4. Is there any way that you can get payment from the account once it is final. I am about to lose my home and would have no problem giving up double what you are asking. I am a honest man and was brought up to honor my word. I have no intentions of trying to manipulate any one I am just in a situation where I need a helpling hand from someone that can help me and my family. I personaly would be in your debt for any reasonable cure for my situation.

  5. Get ready to pay me $30,000 cash, we will need to meet in person so I’m in Austin, Texas and would like to pick up my cash soon, I will also bring every law and including an inspector general that would love to explain it to you personally. I am calling you out right here, right now. What say you?

  6. Here’s the deal… we have a tenant staying in our property and they owe us seven months of rent they claim that this instrument they provided us will pay off a year of rent in full we’ve got the note( IPN) we went to the bank the bank has accepted it and said it takes anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks. should we be relieved that it will be accepted or can it be denied within that 8 to 10 weeks as well? in the meanwhile we are going through an eviction process because the tenant has not put any money in the court registry. can she use this as being payment in full to stay in the house without paying?or should we feel that in this 8 to 10 week period the fund will show up?

    1. hi.. i am currently also researching the scope of promissory notes. as per the informations I’ve read regarding using promissory note to pay off debt, it only works with banks. Promissory notes are NOT for paying off between people. A person can use promissory notes to pay off loans that he/she was granted by a bank. hope it helps.

  7. You need to make this process affordable to start. Most in need of this process won’t have $5000 to pay for something that there is no hard evidence that it works. Paying $1000 up front with proper presentation of proof will allow you to validate a higher charge on the backend.

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