Secret Debt And Loan Payoff Using Government Money

IMG_2049 Did you know that the United States Government and banks have been withholding a secret debt and loan payoff using government money since June of 1933? Look at the $100 Federal Reserve Notes on your left and know that this is not the only money that you can pay off your debt and loan with. There is a secret debt and loan payoff type of money called a debt instrument, security instrument, or negotiable instrument other tha the Federal Reserve Notes as in the picture of Federal Reserve Notes, pretend money of the United States Corporation. And you thought that these notes were actually money.

At the Department of Debt Loan Payoff,, we show you how to pay off any debt or loan using the Government’s secret money that is legal tender at any bank under the Uniform Commercial Code of World Law. You just send it to the Chief Financial Officer, CFO, of your debt bank and they accept it as a full payoff of your debt or loan, because it is considered money under the Uniform Commercial Code of Law, UCC. The UCC is not only the Federal law, but is the law of commerce in the whole world comprising of all the nations of this earth that trade with other countries.

It all started back in 1933 when President Roosevelt created and signed THE executive order, HJR 192 Bankruptcy, into law that gave the first Bailout to the Federal Reserve Banks and took away the Gold Standard, the only means to pay a debt under the original Constitution FOR the United States of America, and promised everyone that the Government would pay all of the American person’s debt, but neglected to inform anyone, other than the banks, how to do this.

The Department of Debt Loan Payoff has finally, after 79 years, cracked the debt payoff promise made by the government. All of America’s gold was shipped to the Vatican in Rome, Italy, via England and China. This law made every American holding more than 1 ounce of gold an outlaw against the incorporated United States Government. Pretty soon, the Government will recall every ounce of gold being horded by individuals or gold refinery companies as it did in 1933.

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