Social distancing ceo speaks out

The CFO of a major corporation stated, “In America in the last 2 months, over thirty million American people have lost their jobs and are out of work due to the Coronavirus, many from his own company with the forced stay at home policy.

The breaking down of society along with the supply chain is taking place while most of you are sitting by silently watching with mask and gloves on while keeping your social distancing that you were told to keep by your State Governor’s orders. 

Who gave the Governors of each STATE OF THE UNITED STATES authority to issue those orders? On April 27, 2020, the United States Attorney General, William Barr, issued a Memorandum for the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and all United States Attorneys to uphold the Constitution and, that the governors could be violating the civil rights and civil liberties of individual citizens under Constitution and may be committing treason without authorization. Barr also stated in his written Memorandum that the stay at home orders may be the same as house arrest and that the Constitution was not suspended even for pandemics keeping your social distancing.

It seems influenza, flu, coronavirus disambiguation COVIE, SARA, and AIDS are all scripted and Man-Made to control you, the world populace. This Coronavirus unique virus is only active during certain times of the day on beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, and cold tundra regions all over the world if you can travel to one of these places.

The Corona Virus is “IT”. It is miraculous! It is stupendous. It is disturbing. It is Panicking. It is their magic to throw you into FEAR. It is the Flu people and has taken fewer lives this year, 2020, than any year in the world’s history.

It also can travel up to 6 feet when walking, waiting in long lines, or at meetings, but cannot travel 6’1” or greater so keep your social distancing folks.

The Coronavirus can fly through the air up to 2 car lengths and float on all surfaces, except anything that comes in the mail or groceries you take home.

The Coronavirus doesn’t go to places like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, Fresh Market, Food Lion, Kroger, Publix, Wynn Dixie, Amazon, other large corporations, grocery stores, and of course the WHITE HOUSE in WASHINGTON, District of Columbia 10 square mile area, but it does like bars, dine in restaurants, small businesses, hotels, social meeting places, conference rooms, social gatherings, and especially churches where it can travel up to 9 feet if you are parked in a nearby car. The Coronavirus cannot live on food, drive-ins, and take-outs, because it only stays inside restaurants.

This man is the CEO of my company that has remained open through this STATE OF Governor has issued orders that all businesses are to be closed. My wife, son, and this man traveled to Walmart today in my private automobile household goods. While waiting for a red stoplight to change this man noticed other cars, trucks, and Government Vehicles stayed not the usual half to one car distance between cars, but two car length distances seeming to tell me to keep my social distancing.

At this very stoplight, when I stopped as always one car length behind the pickup truck in front of me, the Pickup truck honked his horn and moved ahead half a car length and the car in back of me kept his 2 car lengths distance telling me to keep my social distancing.

The car in front of the Pickup beeped his horn for the truck to keep his social distancing as he was now within the Corona Virus social distancing and could contract the virus thru osmoses just by looking at another person.

THIS MAN HAS NEVER SEEN SUCH A FRIGHTENED and PANACHING SIGHT from other people due to the fake Corona Virus flu if you get too close. All very confusing I know, but it’s Governor Science. 

There is such a deeper/darker agenda in support of vaccines and genocide People. Some of you are starting to speak out in lieu of the media hits. “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity and obeying orders from those that have no authority over you, the men or women” or your rights if you still have any.

Coronavirus is being used as a pandemic today to destroy all your rights, freedoms, and liberties worldwide. The goal is to instill fear and take total control of your mind, body, money, children, and assets while you sit at home doing nothing but obey while keeping your social distancing.

The world is headed into uncharted territory folks. Unless many of you awaken, speak up, and take back your rights, freedom, and liberty, this illegal against the Constitutions lockdown, house arrest, and control by a few others are not going away soon. Their control of you is only going to get worse.

What happens next depends on you, so free yourself and survive the economic and financial planed Coronavirus and always remember to keep your SOCIAL DISTANCING. 

Also, remember that Vaccines are the dead virus that always gives the virus to the human populace in order to thin out the population. And as Bill Gates said over 600,000 of you are going to die in 2020 because of the forced Coronavirus Vaccine poison that they may require you to take. Are you going to get a Coronavirus vaccine knowing this and still keep your 6 feet Social Distancing?? Think about it..