The Disturbing Truth About the Home You Think You Own – Part 6

The disturbing truth about the home you think you own

Exclusive Concepts:
Respect for property rights and property taxes are mutually exclusive concepts.

What’s yours is yours, and you shouldn’t need to pay anyone for permission to make updates and repairs on, keep, or use it.
That’s why the very concept of property tax is a despicable affront to property rights, which underpins civilization itself.

The great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises puts it best:
“If history could teach us anything, it would be that private property is inextricably linked with civilization.”

That’s why the people who promote, implement, and benefit from property taxes are anti-civilization government parasites.
The unfortunate reality is that you will be paying ever-increasing property taxes. Unless you own property in one of the few places on Earth without them, the Cayman Islands, for example.

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