There has not been a Lawful Congress since 1861 Final Part 2

Us congress dc

After 1861, PERSONS were recognized as legal fictions, artificial people, Corporations, PERSONS, and CITIZENS of the Municipality District of Columbia Corporation, mirror images of you, STRAWMEN (All CAPS), which are attached to Trusts. Aka JOHN HENRY DOE, JOHN H DOE, JOHN DOE, JOHN, DOE, (All CAPS) John Henry, and John Henry Doe.

Those legal fictions are not facts, such as “John”, “John-Henry”, “:John-henry: Doe”, “Doe, H=John-Henry”, of “John Henry of the family DOE” Unless your birth certificate name is one of these. This type of fraud is perpetrated and perpetuated by the Foreign Crown Temple B.A.R. Agents cross-dressed in Occult Pagan black robes, all their subordinates, Police Departments, Agents of THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT, INC., STATE PATROL, and the STANDING ARMY on our dryland soil. You the people are the ones abandoning your State Constitutions and Federal Constitution. There has not been a Congress, Legal or Lawful, since 1861

You’re all running around intertwining your lives with and as U.S. Corporations and private FEDERAL RESERVE Central Bank Fiat, fake currency, or Vapor Money which is only military scrip for the District of Columbia, D.C., since President Lincoln introduced these Bank created paper as “GREEN BACKS” in 1861 to pay his military only, not to pay we the people of the 50 several republic states of the union of nations.

You are not U.S. CITIZENS if you were born in one of the 50 several republic states as a native aborigine unless you work or live on the U.S. Rented Military Reservation Bases, work for the STATE OF Military Government, or are a RESIDENT in WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPALITY CORPORATION DEEP STATE.

Look at your FORCED UNDER DURESS STATE OF DRIVER LICENSE, your FORCED IMF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, YOUR MAIL, YOUR CREDIT APPLICATION, YOUR CREDIT CARD(S), YOUR PRIVATE BUSINESS B.A.R. COURT DOCUMENTS, YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION NAME, OR ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT with your STRAWMAN NAME IN ALL CAPITAL SYMBOLS without a period between each symbol typed on these documents. All of these were rights until the Government commercially turned your rights, freedoms, and liberty into a known or unknown hidden privilege or benefit.

Each Capital DOG-LATIN Symbol in your (All CAPS) STRAWMAN NAME that the Commercial CORPORATE Government uses is a separate word, folks such as with I.R.S. for Internal Revenue Service, F.B.I for Federal Bureau of Investigation, C.I.A. for Counter-Intelligence Agency, D.O.T for Department of Transportation, or D.O.D. for Department of Defense in all capital letters, from your local Government to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

Your Government created your Artificial PERSON STRAWMAN with your STRAWMAN CORPORATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Your STRAWMAN is real wealth. Thereafter has not been a Congress, Legal or Lawful, since 1861. Think about it..

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