There Hasn’t Been A Congress Legal Or Lawful Since 1861 Part1

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Did You Know? There has not been a Legal or Lawful Congress since 1861?

There hasn’t been a Congress, Legal or Lawful, since 1861 when the Southern States walked out without adjournment or closing the session. Soon afterward, a corporate coup was formed to unlawfully fill the abandoned seats at the start of the war between the Republic state Countries of the North America Union consisting of the several republic states. There has not been a Congress, Legal or Lawful, since that time.

After the next corporate coup in 1868 when every State and defacto republic states were militarily forced to sign onto the fictitious and unratified “14th Amendment” creating a mirror image duplicate debt slave of every American native or naturalized man, woman, and child by the Government creation of a Fictitious BIRTH CERTIFICATE of every one of you in the presumption that you are a UNITED STATES CORPORATE CITIZEN which made you the surety for your STRAWMAN All CAPS NAME. As a SURETY, you, the living man or woman must pay your STRAWMAN DEBTS. Every debit or loan is a STRAWMAN DEBT due to your name being typed and printed in all CAPS!! There has not been a Congress, Legal or Lawful, since 1861.

This forced military signing of the 14th Amendment Resulted in the Corporate District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, the SECOND CONSTITUTION BY THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which is when a private corporate government for the city of WASHINGTON, District of Columbia 10 square mile area was formed to fool you, people, into believing that the 50 republic state countries are a part of the Municipality WASHINGTON, District of Columbia Corporation. Today’s “CONGRESS” is government for the District of Columbia DEEP STATE only and not for we the people of the 50 republic states of the Union.

Throughout the time afterward, the de facto UNITED STATES Corporation has been committing paper terrorism by incorporating “persons” from we the people, which does not have the same meaning of persons meaning “We the People” in our earlier days before 1861. Think about it..

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