Welcome To The Debt Loan Payoff Consumer Advocate Web Site

Welcome To The US Department Of Debt Loan Payoff Consumer Advocate Web Site

Federal Reserve Notes From Social Security Insurance Pays U S Debt
This Debt Payoff Instrument Works in the United States and Canada and ANY Country that is a member of the United Nations!!!

Discover the SECRET Information to pay off your debt or loan using Government Money. Receive your New Secret Information e-booklet about how you can PAYOFF your debts and loans within 90 days now.

NOTE: When you purchase the debt payoff e-booklet below, there are NO REFUNDS, because you have 24 hours a day access due to the fact that the download link, user name, and password is in your receipt. The description of the information and contents are below the order box. Please read the description before ordering.

“This E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. It will explain the laws that make the Secret Money Species a Legal Tender Payment; about the items needed; and the proof of the IPN working to pay off your debts; and the cost of the processing of the Secret Money Species Debt Payoff for your situation! If you decide to pursue the entire DEBT FREE procedure, additional costs for processing must be added in order for us to provide the IPN and finish the process and Legal Tender Final Payment to get you DEBT FREE.”

Our $30,000.00 GUARANTEE!

If you can find any State Statute or Federal Law that says this Special, Negotiable Security Instrument, International Promissory Note, is illegal, a scam, unlawful, or is a Fraud, I will personally give you $30,000.00 Cash FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE DOLLAR Money!

I really want someone to find this Non-Existent Law, because if anyone does find a law that proves and says that this Special Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument, International Promissory Note, is illegal, a scam, unlawful, or is a Fraud,, so are the Mortgage Promissory notes, Loan application promissory notes, Federal Reserve promissory note Dollars, Auto loan promissory notes, Credit card promissory note applications, and any and all other credit applications illegal against the Banks and the United States Government!!!

Do your own research before you think this Special Debt and Loan Payoff Instrument is unlawful and waste your time trying to find that law that does NOT Exist, but if it did exist, it would prove The Bank FRAUD to the Bank’s Hip Pocket Judges, Courts, and the Corporate United States Government!

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