What if Everything That You Thought You Knew Turned Out to be – Final Part 3

Government registered you as serial numbers

These foreign American Central Bank Shareholders Owners are

And more.

These above banking families make up an International Banking Cartel that today holds practically a complete monopoly over all commercial, financial, and banking industries of America, as well as a greater part of the World. Many believe that most of their worldwide expansion into the economies of Europe, America, and the rest of the world, have been based entirely upon a history of fraudulent activities emanating from within these banking cartel families and involving many historical and political figures on a grand scale.

Well, there you have it! Now you know! Welcome to your whole new set of eyes, and welcome to their commercial make-believe Matrix!
The dollar amount on that $20 dollar bill is NOT the “real” value; because it can’t possibly be! “Debt” Credit has NO VALUE! Is NO VALUE?
As for the serial number. Its value is only a VALUE VALUABLE to the “creditors” or Banks of the Debt claimed.
That is the ONLY commercial value that the serial number has! (That the entire bill has!).

But that VALUE is not value for YOU, and is not value to you! It is a commercial Debt “claim” (hold) upon you, the “COLLATERAL”, “HUMAN CAPITAL” that the serial number is printed on or attached to.
Commercial “VALUE” in the form of a “claim” (Debt Lien). VALUE TO AND ONLY FOR THE ABOVE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! (Who “OWN” the Foreign Federal Private Reserve Banks).

The Federal Universal Postal Union world court senior judge states that all countries’ money without their country’s money symbol printed on their paper fiat money is just worthless paper perpetrating a fraud upon humanity.

The United States of America Dollar $ Symbol must be on the Federal Reserve Notes to be legal or lawful money..

The Federal World Court is investigating this crime as of this video.

Think about it..

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