Who gets to define what FAIR SHARE TAXES are

Who gets to define what fair share taxes are

We often hear from politicians and the media that some people aren’t paying your “fair share” in taxes.

Who gets to define what “fair” share in taxes is, and based on what justifications and authorities? Remember folks, the IRS is FOREIGN PRIVATE CORPORATION and not a United States Governmental Department.

Whenever you hear the word fair, start running the other way. Everybody has a different idea of what’s “fair”— it’s an arbitrary concept. People manipulate its definition to their advantage. The only way to determine what might be fair is a voluntary mutual agreement between two or more parties.

That’s not possible with STATE or FEDERAL taxes — there’s no voluntarism involved with the IRS Fear Tactics. Taxes are, in fact, a direct tax levy enforced at the point of a gun and that gun is JAIL FEAR!! Think about it..

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