Who Signs Promissory Note Money Into Existence?

When this type of language appears in the promissory note (i.e. John Borrower promises to pay to the order of James Lender the sum of…)

You, the person signing the note (called the maker and CREDITOR as a registered Private banker at PBNBA.com as funding your own loan) is agreeing that you will repay the money to the lender, Bank, or the person the lender designates to receive the payments if and when they hold up to their new agreement of debt discharge.

In a CAP Security Contract, Both the borrower and Lender signs this Credit Agreement Negotiable Bank Verified Security to ensure a valid contract agreement that will hold up in any court when you follow my written client instructions as a client. The CAP Security at Cancel1Mortgage.info pays off this debt and has been accepted by banks. Think about it..

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