Why I Get Paid in FRNs for the CAP Security Processing

People ask me why they have to pay me in FRN Dollars for my e-booklets and Legal CAP Security Negotiable Instrument Processing..

AND why can’t they just pay me with their promissory note instead as I shouldn’t need any money, because I could just pay all my bills, debts and loans with my CAP Securities. .The answer is simple.. I don’t have any debt.. This is just what I have done is pay all my debts with the CAP Security or similar legally processed Promissory Notes that the Banks have accepted as payment.. As verifiable proof of actual debt payoff can be found in my CAP Security E-booklet at Cancel1Mortgage.info ..

Since I am not a bank and only banks can turn a Private Banker’s promissory note into money by monetizing and securitizing your signature under the Foreign Private Federal Reserve Banking System rules, I need to get paid in FRNs so I can convert them into lawful money to pay everyone and you can to when you go to Cancel1Mortgage.info.. I even have a YOUTUBE Video explaining HOW TO convert the Fiat FRN Dollars into Lawful money to pay your bills..

Banks are the only ones that can create money out of thin air and have money printed based on your CASH Value Consideration Credit Signature. This is why we must receive payment in FRNs, Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars that everyone perceives as money in today’s economy.. Think about it..

Our Processed Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP Securities at Cancel1Mortgage.info are State Licensed Legally Processed Promissory Note Credit Agreement Negotiable Securities used as money for debt payoff that banks have accepted, have a maturity date of over 9 months which qualifies the CAP Security as a Bank Verified Security or money, have no interest payments, are NOT Capital Gains Taxable, are to be notarized for added protection to the alleged or presumed borrower, and are registered securities that are legally used as money, legal tender, and U.S. Currency pursuant to Banking Laws that pay off alleged bank claimed debt and meets all Negotiable Instruments laws.

I am NOT a Private Foreign BAR schooled Attorney and do NOT practice Law, but I have attended many court cases, conducted countless interviews with Banksters, Attorneys, Law, and COURT officials in my 17 years of research to find these secret facts on banking fraud, that are in my client instructions, to help you fight the bank fraud and win any COURT case..

Actions of winning your civil or criminal court case can be found in my written CAP Security client instructions that have been proven by me and others to win in any court hearing or Trial By Jury when you follow and present them properly.. This is why I offer a 90% Money Back Guarantee for processing.

I am asking you to visit Cancel1Mortgage.info and utilize the successful CAP Security to pay off your Mortgage(s) and all other type debts in as little as 14 days..

Visit TRNcoins.com and invest in your family’s future by capitalizing on the Texas Republic Nation, TRNcoins, the CryptoCurrency of the future that are deemed and backed by Physical Commodities by a March 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling; thus, making the TRNcoins real lawful money with real backing that you can buy anything that the FRN dollar buys..

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