Your Mortgage Presumed Loan was NEVER Accepted by the Trust Making the Investor Trust Taxable, Part 2.

Mortgage presumed loan never accepted by the trust making the investor trust taxable

They were supposed to safe-keep your originals until after the Debt was paid and then return these two personal document properties to you..

When your Mortgage Security and Note Property has not gone into the Investor Trust, this is called “Double Dipping”, a criminal INCOME TAX offense.

If your private property Mortgage Promissory Note and Mortgage Lien County Recorded Contract Security are not destroyed under SEC Rules, this makes the entire Investor Mortgage Trust null, void, invalid, and IRS taxable..

If the custodian of the trust did not destroy your originals under the Securities Exchange Act, SEC, this makes the whole trust containing thousands of Mortgages taxable..

This is why banks and trust Attorneys show the courts their counterfeit forged black and white copies in Mortgage foreclosure cases and claim that these are the original Blue Inked Signature that you signed at your mortgage on Credit notary Escrow closing.. AND the ignorant ATTORNEY JUDGE ADMINISTRATORS believe this 3rd party hear-say garbage that is not positive evidence in any court per law..

Always ask for the bank representative attorney to bring and show YOUR Private Property blue inked signed originals AND the Lender closing instructions to the Notary Closer for the ATTORNEY OWNED Escrow Corporation Company AND their Written Authorization to represent the BANK or Investor Trust from the BANK OR Trust Corporation in order to foreclose, not from any Agent Person of that Corporation!! THEY CAN’T!!!!! This is because Banks are Corporations, just Bank Employee Agent STATE Registered Pieces of Paper that cannot communicate, much less talk, read, listen, or give ATTORNEYS oral or written authorization to represent these corporations in any Court. (Trinsey v. Pagliaro) D.C. Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647, United States Supreme Court Case, NOT OVERTURNED and still in legal effect as the Rule of Law as a president case.

Subpoena the Attorney to bring in and show you and the Court so both can see and read their Written Authorization from the BANK OR Investor Trust Corporation through the Court AND their Sworn Statement under the penalty of perjury that they were present with first-hand personal knowledge of the event when you presumably signed at the Attorney owned Escrow Mortgage Closing.. Think about it..

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