7 elements of criminal jurisdiction


#2. The statute of offense must be identified by its proper or common name. A number is insufficient. Today, a citizen may stand in jeopardy of criminal sanctions for alleged violation of statutes, regulations, or even low-level bureaucratic orders (example: Colorado National Monument Superintendent’s Orders regarding an unleashed dog or a dog defecating on a trail).

If a number were to be deemed sufficient, government could bring new and different charges at any time by alleging clerical error. For any act to be triable as an offense, it must be declared to be a crime by the ticketing or arresting police officer and then later by the Court.

In case a misdemeanor has been turned into a crime by the Police, sheriff, or other law (STATUTE CODE) enforcement officer of the government and you have been issued a criminal speeding ticket for example and have to pay a fine, you have just been placed in involuntary servitude and have just become a Debt SLAVE that was outlawed by the 14th Amendment of peonage or human trafficking especially if you were arrested at the scene. Remember there must be a human victim of self or property to become a crime.

Why the government takes a speeding traffic Civil misdemeanor and unlawfully converts it to a crime by writing you a speeding ticket or other traffic code violation to force you to pay a fee, fine, or jail time. This is because they are placing you in involuntary servitude and debt slavery known a peonage which are against Federal law constitutional Amendment 14 and criminal charges of kidnapping can be brought against the police, police officer, sheriff deputy, police department, sheriff department, city mayor, and the State.

Charges must negate any exception forming part of the statutory definition of an offense, by affirmative non-applicability. In other words, any charge must affirmatively negate any exception found in their color of law under their Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations, or Corporate policies that are not law pursuant to several United States Supreme Court “Law of the Land” Rulings. Think about it..

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